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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Introduction (Teaching Series)

The Oneness system of Theology is the result of finite man trying to explain an infinite God! This is more outrageous than an earthworm trying to explain every minute detail of the anatomical structure of a human being! Three times the Bible tells us that “the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain” God, so why do they suppose their mortal minds can? It smacks of arrogance.

Of all the false doctrines in the church world, I believe the Oneness system of Theology presents the greatest danger to our Pentecostal movement. When you see a Oneness Pentecostal, they often look like true blue Christians. They believe in holiness standards, the baptism in the Holy Ghost, and talk much of the same Christian jargon as we do. In many ways their church services, singing, and music are the same as ours. And because they look and act so much like true Christians, innocent bystanders never think to question the heretical doctrines they propagate!

I have had Oneness people tell me they don’t have to believe in the Trinity because they have “Jesus” in their lives. They believe that means they have the Father irregardless of their views on the Godhead. They use verses like 1 John 2:23 to support this idea.

1Jo 2:23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.

As you can see, it is true, if you have the Son, you have the Father also, but what if you have the wrong son? What if you are serving the wrong Jesus? Let us consider 2 Corinthians 11:4, where Paul tells us there would be those that would come preaching “another” Jesus. He would be called “Jesus”, but he would not resemble the Jesus of the Bible. They would describe him, but he would look different than the Christ of Holy Scripture. Think about it this way: Let’s say you asked me if I knew a certain person and I said, “Yes”. But when I described that person to you, I was wrong on nearly every detail. I described the wrong color of hair, the wrong color of eyes, the wrong height, the wrong weight, and the wrong age. Would you still think I knew who you were talking about? Of course not!

With a heavy heart, I must warn you that Oneness Theology promotes “another Jesus”. When they describe him, he is not the same Jesus spoken of by the Apostles. Their Jesus is not part of a holy Trinity. Their Jesus is not pre-existent. He is not eternal. As the Son of God, their Jesus is not divine. Their Jesus claims to be BOTH God the Father and God the Holy Ghost. Their Jesus talks and prays to Himself. Their Jesus stands and sits on, at, and by his own right hand! Their Jesus is different than the Trinitarian’s Jesus in many ways!

Though I have come in contact with several ex-Oneness adherents that have converted to Trinitarianism, they are few and far between. The Catholic Church says, “Give us your child until it is seven and it will never stray from Catholicism”; the Oneness people are very much the same, they indoctrinate their people well!

On the flip side of that, most Trinitarians don’t trouble themselves with indoctrinating their congregations and children. Though I have heard many preachers mention the Trinity in passing, I have personally heard only three sermons dedicated exclusively to the subject (and that’s over a space of fifteen years)! Think about it! When was the last time you heard a sermon preached, or a lesson taught, exclusively on the triune nature of God? Brothers and Sisters, because of this lack of teaching, many Trinitarians are being swept into the horrid abyss of the Jesus Only movement. Preachers, you must tell your people Who God is! And you must tell them now!

There are four areas of doctrine that Oneness Pentecostals are especially vulnerable: (1) their denial of the pre-existence of Christ; (2) their belief that Jesus was Himself the Father; (3) their belief that baptism in “Jesus’ name only” is necessary for salvation; and (4) their belief that tongues is the necessary sign of salvation. In the following lessons, I will attempt to deal a death blow to these four areas of Oneness Theology.

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